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Academy Of Modern Tantra

A Gender Fluid Ground-Breaking Healing Movement 

Become part of the new world order of love, healing and oneness.

Neo - Tantra

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With the Academy Of Modern Tantra (AOMT) Method of Tantra, you are learning about your own body, the flow of energy within, how to harness and cultivate sexual energy as well as extensive theoretical knowledge on Tantra.

With this process, you are able to completely change the dynamics of your interaction with those around you in all walks of your life.


This is a life-changing process and an ability to apply Tantra to your 'everyday life'

The Academy of Modern Tantra offers an opportunity to learn a course that is a unique game-changer for people’s lives.

It is a unique blend of sacred Tantric techniques, all of the fun bits that people are interested in for example: how to enhance your sexual performance, your pleasure, and deep in your connections into more profound levels, how to achieve transcendental highs and experience energy orgasms.

The program is also packed with modern, life coaching,  self-help tools and works passionately in line with the law of the universe in using our sexual energy to manifest for our goals.

The course includes rituals and blessings, combined with massage, tantric yoga, modern neuroscience and a business and marketing module.


There are many exciting and interesting elements to practicing the sacred art of Tantra.


The incredible diversity that Tantra brings to your life is both fascinating and completely life-changing.

Here at the AOMT, we offer a 4 module Tantra program that is life-changing for all those that learn the course to teach it and all those that are lucky enough to be taught by the practitioners once they are accredited and practising.

Taking the lead in combining Spirituality, Psychotherapy & Applied Neuroscience, the programs offered are able to work within many facets of obtaining optimal Life experiences. 

All clients are to proceed through the levels in order. Everyone needs to Begin from the 1st Tantra Module to the 3rd  in order to fully integrate the Tantra teachings and to become fully worldwide accredited Tantra Practitioner

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