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Tantra for Personal or Professional Use.

We offer certified professional Tantra Massage Practitioner training courses.

Are you a holistic therapist looking to add modalities to your own healing practise?

or an inspiring individual that wishes to enhance and improve the quality of your life and relationships with those around you?

Using this program, you can learn tools and techniques to enhance your life, creativity and become a better Lover. This course is suitable for both couples and individuals. 

THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TANTRA is a global initiative to bring together all facets of Tantra and make it accessible to the everyday person, this training can be incorporated into any massage, bodywork or dance movement instruction.

Tantra is a growing industry, and you would be a part of a greater movement whereby you will be a sacred teacher/instructor and guide to improve one of the most important facets of a person’s life, their sexuality.

The International Institute of Tantra




Breathe New Life Into Your Sensuality and Spirituality 

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​Established in 2006

There are many exciting and interesting elements to pracitising the sacred art of Tantra. The incredible diversity that Tantra brings to your life is both fascinating and completely life changing.

Here at the IIOT we offer three levels in a program that is customised to suit you own individual needs. 

Our main focus is on Therapy, Energy & Sexological Bodywork.

Taking the lead in combining Spirituality, Psychotherapy & Applied Neuroscience, the programs offered are able to work within many facets of obtaining optimal Life experiences. 

All clients are to proceed through the levels in order. Everyone needs to Begin from level 1 in order to fully integrate the teachings.

Poolside Meditation


Certified Practitioner Training Marbella

With the International institute of Tantra (IIOT) Method of Tantra, you are learning about your own body, the flow of energy within, how to harness and cultivate sexual energy as well as an extensive theoretical knowledge on Tantra. With the process, you are able to completely change the dynamics of your interaction with those around you in all walks of your life. This is a life changing process and an ability to apply Tantra to your 'everyday life'.




IIOT Tantra Massage, Therapy &


Certified Professional Tantra Massage Practitioner Training.

We run a range of bespoke private and group trainings for Certified Tantra Practitioner Levels.

Contact us now for 1-2-1 private trainings or small groups.

All Certifications enable you to IICT Association Membership & Insurance Cover for your Tantra Practice.

All timings are flexible, we take as long as we need, you will leave this course with complete competency to run your new business

For more information on course information in UK see


For April and May dates please request via email


  • PLACE : Estepona

  • PRICE :  £700  

  • Dates : June 5th, 6th, 7th


  • PLACE : The urban Villa Marbella

  • PRICE :  £900 includes accommodation and food. 

  • Dates : Nov, 6th,7th,8th.

  • Email for questions and reservations

  • Book Via EventBrite Now

Our Venu, 'The Urban Villa Boutique Hotel' Marbella

GET YOUR CERTIFIED TRAINING and relax in this exotic retreat. Enjoy the local cuisine, beach, meditation, yoga and do your tantra training.

All Certifications enable you to IIOT Association Membership & Insurance Cover for your Tantra Practice.

The course

Taught in 3 Levels

Includes Full extensive Manual

After Care Support for assistance

Certificate of Attainment

How to run a Tantra business

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The IIOT office Australia and more information CLICK HERE

Spain facilitator Jennifer James ABOUT 

The World's First Non - Sexual Sacred Sexuality Self Development Tantra Program.




  • About Tantra historical, theory and concepts of Tantra.  The Chakras. Learn a full body massage covering the bodies 7 energy centres working through their blockages and any issues that you have within them that may prevent you from reaching states of bliss that tantra is known for. Clearing these is essential. 6 hours face to face 8 hours home study READ MORE

  • LEVEL 2 We cover the 7 breaths of Tantra. Pranyama techniques covered will be the Circle Breath, Trapezoidal Breath, Kundalini Breath, Pranavaya Rasa, Prana Sukha and the Solar Luna Breath. 6 Hours face to face 8 hours home study  READ MORE

  • LEVEL 3 helps awaken the energy which then rises along the spinal column, activating all the other chakras on the way up. This is done through the dynamic movements of body postures including yab yum position, the breath (prana) and a heightened sense of awareness through meditation leading to a stronger and more fulfilling life. 6 Hours face to face and 8 hours home study. READ MORE

Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today.


Tantra, Yoga and Self Development Retreats.

The International Institute of Tantra offers bespoke retreats with your tailor made program.



Tantra Teacher Training

The IIOT offers exclusive educational retreats throughout the year.

Tantra Teacher Training Program

This Course is set in the paradise location of Marbella.

The Urban Villa Boutique Hotel is a beautiful retreat nestled discreetly in the mountains over looking the Mediterranean Sea. 

 The Urban Villa Boutique resort, Marbella

GET CERTIFIED​ 3 Intensive days.

DATE : 6th, 7th, 8th November 2020

PLACE : The urban Villa Marbella

PRICE : £900

 Includes accommodation and food. 

See Course page for full course content.

Reaching Out to the Sun



Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun: closed



About Jennifer

Tantra Teacher


Jennifer James : Tantra Teacher and Sexologist.

Jennifer Studied Tantra at many Tantra schools over the last 13 years some of the most recognisable are:

The International Institute of Tantra Auz

The School of Awakening

Skydancing Tantra

Diamond Light Tantra

The path of transformation

She is formally qualified in Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu, Chakra Healing, Sexology, NLP, Life Coaching, Counselling and psychology, Tantra Teacher. 

Jennifer facilitates tantra workshops in London with the IIOT.

She also offers private couples counselling and therapy for individuals: life coaching, meditation, healing broken hearts, NLP,  Chakra healing and balancing in Milton Keynes.

Skype sessions are also available please email or call for more information

The 'International Institute of Tantra' is a renowned leader in the field. We believe in bringing all the holistic elements of Tantra to the mainstream and making it accessible to the average person.

Jennifer also founded the International Institute of Tantra in Spain offering trainings and workshops in and around Marbella.

Jennifer James has been dedicated to the evolution and development of Tantra and holistic studies since 2006



The International School of Tantra

Marbella, Málaga, Spain

00442037738374 whattsapp 0034635085454

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00442037738374 whattsapp 0034635085454

Marbella, Málaga, Spain

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